Have you lost all your software developers?

If you’ve lost software developers while being closed by COVID-19, it could be hard to find new tech talent again. Here’s a strategy for when the economy restarts.

Many of our San Francisco customers completely outsource their SaaS development to us here at INGENO. Either making software is not their core business, or they feel that acquiring and retaining tech talent is too much of a risk.

If you think that outsourcing is tricky or provides low-quality results, ask for the following:

  • Low friction, high visibility DevOps model
  • Daily, zero downtime blue/green deployments to production
  • Automated test suite with 100% coverage
  • Scripted build and deployment pipelines
  • AWS, GCP or Azure cloud-native services architecture
  • Team member rotations every six months to foster knowledge redundancy
  • No more than 3 hours timezone offset

These criteria create a trust factor between you and your outsourcing partner. You can then relax the need for oversight. This autonomy reduces friction, maximizes velocity and can remove a lot of go-to-market risks.

The challenge for many companies is trying to determine when to trade off quality for speed. I believe you can get both with a great partner.

At INGENO, we provide complete, autonomous development centers. You should call us!




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